One Girl – Programs in Action

Global charity One Girl sent us to Sierra Leone to collect stories from locals and capture the One Girl programs in action; focusing on girls empowerment, education, menstrual health and sexual rights.

Pasta Classica

After his major wholesale buyers had to cancel their events and orders in March 2020, one business owner quickly found a new market.

High Rising Series – Manny

A web series created as part of a larger community arts project, which saw a housing commission tower transformed by having the southern hemisphere’s largest mural painted on it by internationally renowned street artist Adnate, and also Australia’s first government housing building to be painted. The work profiles four of the estate’s residents and seeks to celebrate the multicultural community that calls the estate home.

Colour Tumby Street Art Festival

Massive promo video for one of the best events we’ve ever been to – Colour Tumby Art Street Festival! We loved finessing the edit of this fun filled clip!

Gaytimes LGBT Festival

Australia’s only LGBT music camping festival Gaytimes, comes alive each year. We were asked to capture the energy of the event and create an after movie promotional video.

This promo video helped drive ticket sales and build hype for the following years event.

Polished Man Donations Animation

A mixed media animation & motion graphics piece for Polished Man who have a yearly campaign to raise awareness and funds to help end violence against children for good.

This explainer video was on each and every Polished Man Ambassadors donation page. The campaign raised over $1.7M to the cause.

Because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child #polishedman

DEAMS x Melbourne Central

Set in Menzies Alley, this piece of art was filmed for Melbourne Central, showing how colours in the artwork complement the vibrant and natural colours of our rad city, Melbourne.

Indigenous Recognition Mural Documentary

One of six short-form docos for the Silo Art Trail. World-renowned street artist Adnate brings the indigenous history of the region back into the forefront of peoples minds.

The Streets Barber – Lindsay

Living on the streets on the Autism spectrum, Lindsay’s story is eye-opening, reminding us to always question our own preconceptions and judgements.

Wall to Wall Street Art Festival

We took audiences on a merry go round from Wall to Wall with this promo for Benalla’s groundbreaking street art festival.

Red Cross Blood Donors: Lifesaving Impacts Everyday

We told Emily’s story of how blood donors saved her life not once but, twice while giving birth to her children. Inspiring Red Cross donors across the nation!

UX Designer Recruitment at ANZ

It was essential for ANZ to recruit the right people, so we dropped the rhetoric and told it how it is! Creating a trilogy of videos to boost recruitment within the emerging data space, rolled out across LinkedIn and Seek. Exciting UX designers to solve meaningful human problems.

Documentary Style Recruitment for ANZ Mobile Lending

One of nine short documentaries shot across Australia in a recruitment drive for ANZ Mobile Lending – telling Elise’s story.

Chris’ Festivale Dip Range 30sec Ad Spot

A collection of pre-roll ads for the dip brand, to showcase their new range of products. These animations were created from stills to create a faux stop-motion effect.

Yarra Valley Water Innovation Award

An innovative way to celebrate an innovation award! A ‘bird eye’ piece to commemorate Yarra Valley Water being named one of BRW Magazine’s most Innovative Companies.

ANZ BladePay

A 90sec walkthrough showing the device being used throughout a staff members shift and the benefits of businesses using this tech solution.

Brim Silo Art Trail

The first in the series, Guido Van Helten starts the Silo Art Trail in Brim with a focus on country communities and the farming generations that are fighting for survival.

Round 3 Showreel

This is what we’ve been up to recently. A snapshot of all our moving image work – documentaries, animation, brand and promotional videos and corporate video work.

Water for the Future

A children’s educational animation distributed to primary schools providing an engaging resource for teachers.

Justine McAllister x Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central featured the ever so talented Justine McAllister’s deliciously colourful mural – we captured the murals progress to show the story and journey of this piece coming together. 

Dr. Morse Mural by Shawn Lu

Capturing contemporary artist and illustrator Shawn Lu’s latest mural at one of Melbourne’s most beloved watering holes, Dr. Morse. Captured through time-lapses, allowing the viewer to follow the process from initial outlines right through to the rendering and completion of the mural.

Experian Customer Data Explainer

Explainer animation video delving into the world of customer data and it’s future for retail risk in the evolving financial technology industry. 



The Rise of Social Media

A fast paced video with highly stimulating visuals, this animation was intended to show how quickly social media and digital technology are disrupting and changing industries. (Client refs removed).

Visions & Pathways 2040

Animation for Melbourne University’s recent research paper looking at what the future holds, and two pathways for us to get there.

Justice Reinvestment – Whiteboard Explainer

Hand drawn white board style infographic describing how Justice Reinvestment can help reduce imprisonment of young people, particularly young Aboriginals.

Yarra Valley Water’s Culture Journey

An infographic explainer animation showing the company’s culture journey, where all the symbols piece together to form the company logo.

nDF Restoring Faith in Democracy

These videos were used to bring integrity to the New Democracy Foundation research initiative, to show that a robust and balanced process was undertaken, in order for their final recommendations to carry more influence.

Slicer Exhibition

Exhibition promo for prolific Melbourne graffiti artist and abstract painter SLICER. 

Meet Ahmed ‘Given The Chance’ at ANZ

ANZ’s – Given the Chance program through Brotherhood of St Laurence allows refugees to get a foot in the door. This mini doco shows Ahmed’s passion and hard work being fully realised.

Data Engineering at ANZ

It was essential ANZ recruited the right people for the right reasons, so we dropped the rhetoric and told it how it is. One of three recruitment videos for Seek and LinkedIn within the emerging data and tech space.

ANZ Mobile Lending Explainer video – Live-Action Animation

An explainer video of the ANZ Mobile Lending franchise opportunity shown through a mixture of live-action and animation.

Music Video – ‘Fight’ by Audego

Surrealism meets nostalgia meets lo-fi visuals; a trippy collage and green screen music video for Audego.

‘Slug a Bug’ by Opiuo Music Video

So. Many. Photos. This stop motion music video follows an artist’s exploration into procrastination. A collaboration with Melbourne’s up and coming illustrator Kitt Bennett.

Cam Scale Exhibition

An Instagram promo created with abstract video portraits for Cam Scale’s exhibition at Juddy Roller.

South East Water ‘Never Forget Again’ 30sec Ad

A 30s pre-roll ad campaign for South East Water with Melbourne themed characters forgetting to pay their bill. Never say “Ohh @#%$” again!