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The objective was for the videos to cut through, and attract the right talent to the company.

“Drop the rhetoric and show what it’s really like to work at ANZ”

A recruitment docuseries for ANZ as they heavily recruit into the data space.

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ANZ had identified all the attributes they wanted in new recruits in order to transform in the data space; being curious, solving big meaty problems, impact to millions of customers etc. So we needed to find current staff that loved their jobs, but the real work was in authentically showing them to have these attributes. While it would be very efficient to shoot and edit someone blurting out a series of buzzwords, it isn’t very convincing.

We filmed our subjects tinkering around with their custom PC at home, listening to podcasts while travelling to work and even rock climbing. We distracted them so they would feel comfortable, chatting with them for hours about what they really enjoy doing and why – waiting to capture those real and relatable moments.

Conveying people as sincere and likeable all within 60s is a real challenge. But by spending the time to humanise them, it makes potential applicants relate to them and if the candidate shares the same traits, it makes them excited to apply for a position at ANZ.

We were in control of the entire production process, from researching with talent and scripting their individual stories, through to shoot and post production.

We shot it all handheld, including the interviews, which helps maintain a casual and therefore authentic feel. We chose shoot locations based off good natural light, to make sure it didn’t look staged, and kept the lapel microphones on the subjects and the camera tracking them everywhere they would go – capturing as much as we could to create a natural representation of each of our subjects.

The videos were used at industry events and across ANZs social platform – predominately LinkedIn. Together the 3 videos generated approximately 1000 likes on LinkedIn which is very successful for such a niche, and low engagement platform.

ANZ Staff Recruitment Docuseries  - Jane the Data Scientist

Jane the Data Scientist

A recruitment docuseries for ANZ as they heavily recruit into the data space.