The people behind Round 3

Film can be serious, but we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. We are a fun loving bunch of creatives, passionate at making great stuff.

Bryce McCoy

Bryce McCoy

Strategic Thinker, Doer, Storyteller


Starting out in the world of 16mm cinematography and animation during my Bachelor of Film and TV. Then, after doing the corporate comms thing for a while, I left to freelance as a 3D visual artist, creating immersive projection content for event activations.

My focus has always been on visual storytelling; regardless of the tool. I have a passion for using moving image to captivate and inspire people, evoking enough emotion to challenge our understanding and perception of the world.

This planet is incredible and overflowing with inspiring things. There is a unique story in everything, and it just needs to be told right. And once we’ve found it, and we add the professional skills and creative whiz bang we have access to, there’s a real opportunity to make something really exceptional.

Vidad Narayan

Vidad Narayan

Creator, Illustrator, Storyteller


Like many, stories are how I have always learned about the world – from films, books, music, comics, art – we learn by communicating. And so as a storyteller it’s an addictive hobby and a continuous mission of mine in refining how we can communicate through visual arts’ many forms, and to do so exceptionally.

Before film school I was an avid illustrator. My chiaroscuro-based aesthetic and zeal for intricate linework reflect the depth, dramatics and precision that I bring to my creative work. But drawing is a solo activity.

Through my years as a creator, I have found a big part of my love for filmmaking and animation is the collaborative aspect. Working with strong creatives makes your work better. Everyone’s passion, gunning for the best results from uniquely diverse perspectives allow you to go places you never thought you could get to.

Round 3 has allowed me to learn more about the world than I ever thought I could.

Backed by Amazing Humans

While Round 3 is led by Directors Vidad and Bryce, they are supported by exceptional creatives all across the globe. 

The relationships we’ve fostered over many years is something we’re proud of. This has been the key to the diversity in our work – tremendous talent. We work with a great deal of talented producers, cinematographers, editors, creatives, writers, strategic thinkers, animators and illustrators.

Some recognition & Awards.